Learn to play great music from home

  • Developmental learning using multi-camera HD video tuition
  • Free to join with Free access to lessons
  • Free practice tools including a drum machine and metronome
  • Used in UK schools
  • Play in a band! Learn the same songs for guitar, piano, drums and bass
  • Downloadable scores and backing tracks, plus multi-speed playalong videos

Why choose Coda Guitar?

Whether you're starting out or looking to improve your skills, you can learn with Coda Guitar. We'll help you to progress from absolute beginner to advanced levels of playing. We introduce key techniques at each level, ensuring you can play in different styles and haven't missed anything important along the way. We also know what is achievable at each level, and offer lessons tailored to your ability, along with pro-quality backing tracks!

Start learning to play songs today! It's the most fun and effective way to progress. You can learn using electric, acoustic or classical guitars.

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Why choose Coda Piano?

Want to play rock and pop styles on piano and keyboards? Coda Piano will teach you the skills to be able to play great music, either on your own or in a band. We focus on non-classical piano and aim to provide fun lessons in popular styles, while ensuring our detailed tuition covers the key techniques needed for you to become a good pianist. You can start as an absolute beginner, or use our lessons to develop your existing skills!

Learn a song today! Playing songs is great fun and also the best way to progress. Acoustic / electric pianos, weighted / non weighted keyboards are all fine to use.

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Why choose Coda Rhythm?

We offer specialist drumkit lessons which introduce the key skills needed to become a good drummer. Coda Rhythm will help you to develop coordination, independence of movement, and most importantly a great sense of rhythm! You can learn with our pro-quality backing tracks, the next best thing to playing in a band. Key techniques and tempos are introduced at new levels, helping you to play songs in a range of styles, from beginner to advanced levels!

Learn a song today! Playing with other musicians is fun, and learning songs is the best way to develop your skills. Acoustic and electric drumkits are fine to learn on.

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Why choose Coda Bass?

Are you a fan of low end frequencies? Do you aim to become the lynchpin of the band? If so then look no further than Coda Bass! We cover the key techniques needed for you to to play great bass lines in a range of styles. You can benefit from using our developmental method, whether you're just starting out, or want to improve your existing skills. Playing in a band is great fun and our pro-quality backing tracks are designed to be the next best thing!

Start playing songs today! It's the most fun and effective way for a bassist to progress. You can learn using either an electric or acoustic bass guitar.

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What our customers say . . .

"Playing tracks tailored to my ability has improved my skills, and is fun at the same time."
Colin Morris, age 52

"The lessons are really good and interesting.  The songs are challenging but fun to learn and I find that I pick it up quickly."
Matthew Bartlam, age 8

"So far I have found the lessons wonderfully helpful given that I am an absolute beginner and have had nothing to do with music before.  I have been practicing madly. Bottom line – I've been enjoying myself so bring it on."
Margaret Sims, age 43

"Coda is a seemingly bottomless resource, I've always found what I was after and it's delivered in a manner that's easy to follow. It's like having an 'on call' tutor which I think I would now struggle being without! Keep it up please and more of the same."
Tom Johnson, age 28

"The layout and navigation is good and I like the overall design of the site. The graded lessons concept is fantastic and the access to songs is great for progression. A great resource for guitarists of any level."
C. McEvoy, Course Leader for Music

"I like the schools package which is good for students who want to learn but haven't got a tutor. Teachers can also use the site with groups in the classroom as an introduction to playing. The lessons are easy to follow, and the links to Rockschool standards show how the site can benefit those already learning guitar."
J. Love, Course Leader for Music

"I've been directing students from my workshops to the Coda site so they can brush up on their skills outside of the sessions. Out of all the internet tuition sites I've seen I find the Coda site the most relevant and the easiest to use."
L. Smith, Creative Workshop Leader

"Even now as a busy working musician, being a self taught guitarist, I wish I'd had such a thorough grounding in the basics of technique when I first picked up the instrument, as it would have saved me many hours undoing the bad habits I'd developed. Thoroughly recommended."
P. Sumpter: Composer, Session Player

"I like the way that you can learn different genres of music so there's something for everyone. The songs are catchy and fun. The lessons are very professional and work at a comfortable pace."
Jasmine Parkinson, age 23

"Thanks for the web site. I have been using it for the past few weeks and I am finding it really good. You have made it very simple for beginners like me. I'm really enjoying the lessons, they are very clear. Once again thank you and keep up the good work" :)
Beldev Birdi, age 40

"I found the songs very useful in developing my Power chords, something i had struggled with in the past. As well as being very useful for improving playing they are fun and interesting pieces to play."
Paddy Crier, age 17

"The Coda songs inspired me to push my playing and develop my skill. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to play the songs, but with the lessons breaking them down into simple sections I soon improved, and before long I was playing along with the backing tracks."
Andrew Wright, age 47

"The styles of the Coda Music pieces are varied and backing tracks are excellent giving me more incentive to learn them. My basic skills have really improved using these pieces."
Elizabeth Holling, age 11

"We're thrilled with Luke's progress. It has been fantastic to listen to him develop his skills in such a short space of time. He is not only playing but also beginning to read music. He is learning different styles at a pace which suits him, this has inspired his own taste in music."
Karen Hodgkinson, parent of Luke, age 11

"The starter songs make you feel like you are playing in a band and although when you first try them it freaks you out trying to keep up, they are thoroughly enjoyable. Also learning with the drum machine is extremely good as it focuses your playing."
Paul Smith, age 55