June 20, 2018

Coda Tuition

Coda Tuition New for 2012 is http://codatuition.com/, which is an umbrella site for our other 4 sites… [more]

Coda Tuition Coda Tuition

Coda Guitar

Why choose Coda Guitar? Whether you’re starting out or looking to improve your skills, you can learn… [more]

Coda Guitar Coda Guitar

Coda Piano

Why choose Coda Piano Want to play rock and pop styles on piano and keyboards? Coda Piano will teach… [more]

Coda Piano Coda Piano

Coda Rhythm

Why choose Coda Rhythm? We offer specialist drumkit lessons which introduce the key skills needed to… [more]

Coda Rhythm Coda Rhythm

Coda Bass

Why choose Coda Bass? Are you a fan of low end frequencies? Do you aim to become the lynchpin of the… [more]

Coda Bass Coda Bass


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Coda Guitar Coming-Soon-Sept-2012

Coming Soon in Autumn 2012

We're about to embark on a new series of commercial song lessons. We'll be starting these with Coda Guitar and then expanding to the piano, bass and rhythm sites. It's fairly obvious that most people are inspired to learn to play an instrument … [Read More...]

Coda Tuition New-Guitar-Videos-Sept-2012

New Guitar Videos – Level 1 Lessons

We've just completed the new Level 1 lessons which are now live and available to use. These follow on from the Beginner Level lessons and songs and help to expand your playing, introducing areas such as: off beat rhythms; new chords; lead techniques; … [Read More...]


Education – new for the 2012-13 Academic Year

We've added several new videos since you last heard from us and can now offer students a comprehensive series of level 1 guitar lessons, alongside a piano lesson series covering chords at beginner and level 1. These lessons all complement and … [Read More...]

Commercial Song Lessons - Coming Soon..

Commercial Song Lessons – coming soon in 2012

We're introducing lessons for famous tracks later in 2012. Styles will vary to suit tastes and a mix of popular, classic and modern tracks will be on offer. We understand it's often difficult to play the full recorded versions of songs as they are … [Read More...]

Education - School Case Studies

Education – School Case Studies

Several UK schools have licensed Coda Tuition, with positive results so far. Here are a few quick examples: All Saint’s Academy, Cheltenham, has been running music workshops for underprivilaged students. Parents joint fund the cost of a single … [Read More...]

Education - new for 2012

Education – New for 2012

We've been busy at Coda Tuition in 2012, so we're sharing news on the developments so far. We now have dedicated piano, rhythm and bass sites alongside the guitar site, so students can easily access their chosen instrument. We also have several new … [Read More...]