May 23, 2018

Coda Tuition

Coda Tuition - guitar and bass image

Coda Tuition New for 2012 is, which is an umbrella site for our other 4 sites offering instrumental tuition for guitar, piano, drumkit and bass guitar. We’ll be using Coda Tuition as our main online platform and as you can see from elsewhere on this blog, we have various social media pages including Facebook, [...]

Coda Guitar


Why choose Coda Guitar? Whether you’re starting out or looking to improve your skills, you can learn with Coda Guitar. We’ll help you to progress from absolute beginner to advanced levels of playing. We introduce key techniques at each level, ensuring you can play in different styles and haven’t missed anything important along the way. [...]

Coda Piano


Why choose Coda Piano Want to play rock and pop styles on piano and keyboards? Coda Piano will teach you the skills to be able to play great music, either on your own or in a band. We focus on non-classical piano and aim to provide fun lessons in popular styles, while ensuring our detailed [...]

Coda Rhythm


Why choose Coda Rhythm? We offer specialist drumkit lessons which introduce the key skills needed to become a good drummer. Coda Rhythm will help you to develop coordination, independence of movement, and most importantly a great sense of rhythm! You can learn with our pro-quality backing tracks, the next best thing to playing in a [...]

Coda Bass


Why choose Coda Bass? Are you a fan of low end frequencies? Do you aim to become the lynchpin of the band? If so then look no further than Coda Bass! We cover the key techniques needed for you to to play great bass lines in a range of styles. You can benefit from using [...]