May 23, 2018

Coming Soon in Autumn 2012

We’re about to embark on a new series of commercial song lessons. We’ll be starting these with Coda Guitar and then expanding to the piano, bass and rhythm sites.

It’s fairly obvious that most people are inspired to learn to play an instrument because they want to play their favourite songs. Playing famous tunes is great and audiences love to hear great songs performed well. What is often a problem however, is that famous songs contain difficult guitar parts since the guitarists are usually successful because they’re talented! So what we’ll be doing at Coda is presenting songs at different difficulty levels to tie in with our existing grade specific levels.

We will be offering both simpified versions of songs at Beginner level to allow inexperienced guitarists the opportunity to play famous tracks, and full studio versions of songs at the appropriate higher grade levels. This way you’ll know for example, that a song classed as Level 3 is within your abilities if you can play other lessons and songs at the same level.

Sometimes it can be beneficial for students to tackle songs which are a bit too advanced for their abilities, as it can help accelerate learning. Other times it can be more problematic as students have to cut corners to play certain sections, and playing can often sound sloppy and unmusical if the song is too technically demanding. So by presenting famous tracks at different learning levels, we hope you’ll be able to choose to play some of your favourite songs in an order which is of maximum benefit to your musical progress.

We also have a few Beginner and Level 1, piano and rhythm songs in post production, alongside some Beginner and Level 1 lessons for guitar, rhythm and bass which will be available soon – watch this space for details..

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