May 23, 2018

Commercial Song Lessons – coming soon in 2012

We’re introducing lessons for famous tracks later in 2012. Styles will vary to suit tastes and a mix of popular, classic and modern tracks will be on offer.

We understand it’s often difficult to play the full recorded versions of songs as they are performed by professional musicians, who are usually famous because they’re very talented! We also understand that famous songs inspire people to learn, and it’s great fun to play these songs regardless of ability levels.

Tackling difficult songs as a beginner can sometimes help accelerate the learning curve, but frequently it can be frustrating as songs can be just too technical, or too fast etc. It’s also possible for playing to become a little scruffy sounding if an inexperienced student is trying to ‘force’ a song because it’s just that bit too tricky for them.

We aim to offer learners simplified versions of certain tracks which will be achievable at different levels. Students can decide where to pitch their abilities, anywhere from beginner, through levels 1-6. It’s essential that musicians develop good rhythmical skills, plus the ability to play song structures, so by learning easy versions of songs inexperienced students can develop these without being bogged down by demanding technical challenges.

We also aim to keep songs at grade specific levels so levels 1-6 correspond with grades 1-6 (using Rockschool criteria). All songs which are presented as easy arrangements for lower levels, will also be available as full recorded arrangements at higher levels.

As standard for all our songs, playalong tracks will be provided at varied speeds to assist with learning, plus full backing arrangements at full speed.

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