May 23, 2018

Education – New for 2012

We’ve been busy at Coda Tuition in 2012, so we’re sharing news on the developments so far. We now have dedicated piano, rhythm and bass sites alongside the guitar site, so students can easily access their chosen instrument. We also have several new video lessons available with more in post production to be completed soon.

If your school is interested in finding out more about Coda Tuition for use in September, we’re offering a 6 week free trial during this term. You’ll be able to access to all 4 instrument sites 24hrs a day, from school or home networks, plus you can have unlimited student numbers accessing the sites through your school ID. Students can also access our content from home so you can encourage them to continue to learn outside of school hours.

Alongside our tuition videos students can also use our Tools for practice. There are already several available including a drum machine, and we’re in the process of developing some new ones including a metronome and piano keyboard diagram.

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