May 23, 2018

Education – new for the 2012-13 Academic Year

We’ve added several new videos since you last heard from us and can now offer students a comprehensive series of level 1 guitar lessons, alongside a piano lesson series covering chords at beginner and level 1. These lessons all complement and reinforce the songs found at each equivalent level, enabling students to both focus on specific techniques and learn how to use them practically in full arrangements.  There are also several other guitar, piano, bass and drum videos in post production which will be available shortly into the autumn term.

We’ve also updated our practice tools and now have on site metronomes as well as drum machines to help with time keeping, plus new piano and bass reference diagrams to go with our existing guitar diagrams.

We’re also looking forward to welcoming new tutors to the ranks over the autumn, including talented multi-instrumentalist Leon Cave. We’ll be letting you know when we have lessons to share from our new tutors so watch this space..

If your school is interested in finding out more about Coda Tuition for use over the 2012-13 academic year, we’re offering a free trial for this coming half term. You’ll be able to access to all 4 instrument sites 24hrs a day, from school or home networks, plus you can have unlimited student numbers accessing the sites through your school ID. Students can also access our content from home so you can encourage them to continue to learn outside of school hours.

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