May 23, 2018

New Guitar Videos – Level 1 Lessons

We’ve just completed the new Level 1 lessons which are now live and available to use. These follow on from the Beginner Level lessons and songs and help to expand your playing, introducing areas such as: off beat rhythms; new chords; lead techniques; riffs further up the neck; and palm muting.

We currently have 16 new lessons at Level 1, with a couple more in the pipeline coming soon. As always our lessons are completely free to subscribers, and don’t forget it’s also free to register with Coda Guitar. In total there is over 2 hours of video now available through our Level 1 lessons – how good is that?!

Don’t forget the lessons all tie in with our Level 1 Songs so you can learn to use all the new techniques in full song structures, and practise with multi-speed playalongs and full band backing tracks

At Level 1 we’re starting to develop playing techniques which are closer to those used by famous guitarists in commercial songs. Moving riffs further up the neck and introducing lead techniques such as string bending, slides and hammer ons and pull offs, can really bring a piece of music to life when compared to guitar parts played only in the open position around the first 3 frets. It is very common for guitarists to play riffs further up the neck and to use fewer open strings, so the sooner you become used to this the better!

It’s also important not to underestimate the power of rhythm! By introducing off beat rhythms to both strumming patterns and riffs it’s possible to make your guitar parts instantly sound more like those from famous songs. Off beat rhythms sound catchy and they make people nod their heads and get into the music. Nearly all of the most famous guitar riffs are memorable because they use off beat rhythms – check out Sunshine of Your Love and Smoke on the Water as examples of simple riffs using off beats to great effect.

Palm muting with power chords is the other essential new introduction at Level 1 for all you aspiring rock guitarists. Power chords sound great on their own, but nearly all guitar parts which use power chords also use palm muting. Palm muting is great for controlling a big heavy distortion sound, or even for just creating new tone options in your playing, and the classic ‘chugging’ sound you’ll have heard in loads of your favourite songs is created through palm muting. Have a listen to Basket Case and Master of Puppets as a couple of great examples.

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