Free Lessons

Here are some of the free video lessons which are hosted on the Coda Tuition, YouTube channel. These are detailed videos which cover famous songs, beginner lessons, useful techniques and theory, across both slide and fretted styles. They also cover both fingerstyle and flatpick playing.

We have scores available to accompany most of our free lessons and we're selling them at a very modest price, to help cover the time and cost of producing the videos. We hope that if you appreciate our Cigar Box Guitar lessons, then you'll consider buying a score or 2, to help keep the YouTube channel growing.

The score for each new Cigar Box Guitar lesson will be available at 50% off for the first 7 days, and it's also possible to purchase several at once with a large discount. Each score uses our unique Cigar Box Guitar Tab, so that the songs and exercises are clearly presented for players of all ability levels. See above each video for a link to the specific score.

You can also access Free PDF Downloads on the scores page, including Cigar Box Guitar Tab and Notation guides, 3 & 4 String Tab and Chord Box Templates.

If there isn't a score available for a lesson that you like (for copyright reasons), please consider donating a small amount via our PayPal tip jar (in the main menu or above the video links). Thanks for your generousity and we hope that the lessons help in your Cigar Box journey!

CBG Alternate Tunings - The DAD Shuffle

CBG 3 String Classics - Like a Rolling Stone

CBG Alternate Tunings - Jumping Jack Flash

CBG Pentatonic Riffs - Beginner Roots Blues

CBG Pentatonic Riffs - Ben Harper Style

CBG Pentatonic Riffs - Slide Blues Rock

CBG Banjo Style - Beginner Strumming

CBG Banjo Style - Beginner Picking

CBG Banjo Style - Advanced Picking

CBG Frets & Slide - Delta Blues

CBG Beginner Chords - Heart of Gold

CBG 3 String Chords - Proud Mary

CBG Frets & Slide - Chicago Blues

CBG Frets & Slide - Soul Country

CBG Frets & Slide - Blues Rock

Classic Rock Flatpicking - You Shook Me...

Beginner Flatpicking - 20th Century Boy

Beginner Flatpicking - Sunshine of Your Love

CBG Blues Shorts #5 - The Slide Angle Shuffle

CBG Blues Shorts #4 - The Blues Shuffle

CBG Blues Shorts #3 - Slide Work

CBG Blues Shorts #2 - Picking Switches

CBG Blues Shorts #1 - Beginner Driving Riff

3 String Riffs - The Major Pentatonic Scale

3 String Riffs - The Blues Scale

They're Red Hot - Robert Johnson


Prodigal Son - The Rolling Stones +

Rev. Robert Wilkins

You Gotta Move - Mississippi Fred McDowell

CBG New Styles - Soul Chords

CBG New Styles - Roots & Blues

CBG New Styles - Spanish Fingerstyle

CBG New Styles - Country Folk Scales

CBG New Styles - Classical Chords

CBG New Styles - Country Folk Chords

CBG - Fretted Note 12 Bar Blues

CBG - Beginner 101 Fretted Lesson

Beginner Slide Lessons - 12 Bar Blues #2

Beginner Slide Lessons - 12 Bar Blues #1

Beginner Slide Lessons - 12 Bar Blues #1

Beginner Slide Lessons - The Blues Shuffle

Beginner Slide Lessons - 101 Slide Technique

Beginner CBG Lessons - 101 Fingerstyle

Seasick Steve - 3 String Slide Tutorial

Seasick Steve - 3 String Fingerstyle Tutorial

Seasick Steve - Driving Blues Demo